Amabokoboko Sport is 25 years old


 2020-11-12 03:28 PM by
Amabokoboko Sport is 25 years old

The AMABOKOBOKO trademark and name was registered on 18 September 1995, therefore has celebrated its 25th birthday this year.  The name and our democracy was born in the same time period, therefore both are young, transforming, evolving and maturing adults, shaping their future.


The last 10 years has been the most formative years of the brand to its current format and product range.  In the company's quest to develop a ball for the South African conditions, we have travelled overseas to the heart of rugby union ball manufacturers and spend some time with the owners and their development team to narrow the options down to the best performing permutations of performance rugby balls.  We spend some time testing various options and finally decided on a range of rugby balls that can cover the full spectrum of age and competency groups of rugby players at both above and at sea level in higher temperatures than Europe's playing conditions.  We even considered the older generation of players that grew up with the leather rugby ball.  It is our dream to see the Golden Oldie rugby tournaments in South Africa to be played with the leather ball.

The global rugby ball market has been limited to one brand that completely dominate the global market and maybe two other brands that has made an impact over a very long period but not as significant as Gilbert.  The perceived value of the Gilbert rugby ball range is unprecedented as the brand is around 160 years old years old. 

But our belief is with South Africa as the largest rugby playing nation in the world in terms of rugby participating schools, clubs, unions, together with the demographics of how our youth groups will be shaped in the next 20 years, it is time to create our own local performance rugby ball brand.  In marketing 101 they teach us to create a desirable product that can match the core competencies of the best product out there at a reasonable price with effective distribution and promotion campaigns you have to be successful.  Therefore, with the correct partnership the Amabokoboko brand can reach exceptional highs in the South African and African rugby markets.