Custom design balls provide a school or a club with greater identity.  ~We can provide you with the colour and the logo positioning to satisfy your sponsors.  It is a perfect bargaining tool to use.  Due to tough economic times it is more appropriate and effective to have 3-4 smaller sponsors than one large sponsor.  Fo rthis reason Amabokoboko has avail all 4 panels on the ball for the Union/Club/Schoo/Corporate to utilise.  On one panel, the wording "Powered by Amabokoboko" will be written in small font.  See graphic display below in gallery.

The normal lead time on custom ball orders is 12-14 weeks.  Minimum order quantities is 30 balls per category and size, e.g. 30 x Wildebees size 5.  Our aim is to bring these orders in batches, therefore we have cut off periods throughout the year to ensure consistency:

  1. 29 April 2022 (proposed delivery 15-20 August 2022)
  2. 30 June 2022 (proposed delivery 10-15 October 2022)
  3. 31 August 2022 (proposed delivery 12-15 November 2022)
  4. 31 October 2022 (proposed delivery 13-17 February 2023)