About Amabokoboko

The 1995 World Cup has been mentioned in many cases as the event that instantly transformed our nation. It was an historic opportunity to break away from the past – to complete the symbolic journey from the old to the new. It created new symbols of hope for the country and its people. It was all about timing. All the variables, on the sporting and political arenas, came together to create an event that, even if we win other World Cups, will make the 1995 Rugby World Cup stand out above the rest. Rugby that was seen as the game of the oppressor was suddenly accepted by the entire nation. It was the first time that the Xhosa word for Springbok, Amabokoboko appeared as the headline of the Sowetan. “Aggrey Klaaste, who was editor of the black township newspaper, told me (Frank Keating) to watch out for the headline of the next morning's Sowetan sports page.

It read: "Amabokoboko!" Wow! The word "bok" had come to Soweto. It was good to be in on history.” (Guardian Newspapers, 10/8/2003)

Company registration number: 1995/009/948/07
Amabokoboko Sport (Pty) Ltd. was registered in 1995
Amabokoboko trademark is registered over 11 categories of product
Amabokoboko Sport (Pty) Ltd. Has a manufacturing concern in Tokai, Cape Town and all the sports clothing is manufactured here.

Amabokoboko's Vision

Like our growing nation, Amabokoboko is still developing. Our aspiration is that the name Amabokoboko will continue to represent the national pride that sporting events help to engender in the hearts of the people, as was emphatically evident during the 1995 Rugby World Cup. From these proud and emotive roots, we hope to use the name to further team-building and inspire sport enthusiasts in the new South Africa.

It is our objective that, in generations to come, sport will give a message of hope and goodwill, and will continue to inspire people to push themselves a little further than is expected, in a bid to preserve and improve the whole, the team.