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United by Sport, Inspired by Our Country...

When the Springbok rugby team lifted the William Webb Ellis trophy for the first time in 1995, the words Amabokoboko were echoed throughout the streets of South Africa. A new brand symbolising champions and unity was born. 

"It was widely publicised that the Springboks supported a community-driven campaign, 'Masakhane' (let us build together) in the black townships.  The Africanisation drive received an unexpected fillip when a black newspaper, The Sowetan, coined the term 'Amabokoboko' for the Springboks.  This African derivative rapidly gained currency.  The degree of cultural fusion implicit in this term helped to contribute to the subsequent retention, amidst some controversy, of the Springbok as an official emblem despite its earlier apartheid associations of South African rugby. (Grundlingh; From Redemption to Recidivism?; Sporting Traditions, Vol. 14 no. 2; May 1999)

Unifying cultures and bringing people together is what Amabokoboko is all about. Amabokoboko is spirit, pure African spirit. In Afrikaans they call it gees, in Xhosa it's moya. Here we like to call it Amabokoboko.